Best Poker Training Sites For Multi Table Tournaments

Multi Table Tournaments or MTT’s are one of the favoured formats of poker across all disciplines of the game. The reason for their popularity is mainly due to the small investment for the potentially massive return. Multi table Tournaments can have any amount of entrants online and typically reach anywhere between 50 and 5000 entrants depending on the entry fee, time and the poker site it is held on.

If you are looking for the best MTT training site, then you have come to the right place. The 3 poker training websites listed on this page are all MTT specialists and produce the best tournament training videos available online.

#1 FloatTheTurn

floattheturnFloatTheTurn ( relaunched in 2010 after previously being a sit and go specialist site; SngIcons. As part of their rebranding, they decided to create a more all round training site, covering MTTs, Sit and Gos and cash games.

That said, the site is now primarily aimed at tournament players, with their main focus being MTT training videos. This is no surprise when you look at their coaching lineup that includes the best of the best of tournament players including Jonathan Little, spacegravy, Bearfister and DarvinG. The majority of trainers on the site are great coaches as well as great players and this clearly comes across in their training videos.

FloatTheTurn really are our top choice for poker tournament training, even more so if you like to dabble in sit and gos or cash games too and a subscription there is extremely worthwhile.

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#2 CardRunners

cardrunnersCardRunners ( boasts a somewhat accomplished roster of MTT pros including huge names such as jacksup, MeatBuoy, augie and unknowneinstein. These players have all been close to the top of the online tournament leaderboards for an extended period of time and are widely recognised as some of the best tournament teachers.

If you are a student of the game and are looking to move up in levels in multi table tournaments, we highly recommend that you subscribe to CardRunners. They are amongst the top poker training sites for MTTs covering everything from small buy in events to high stakes tourneys.

The CardRunners website has something to suit every tournament players needs; even non holdem games such as Omaha MTTs and Horse MTTs are covered by the site’s instructors. If you’re keen to improve your tournament play and increase your tournament skillset, the large amount of content will satisfy you.

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#3 PokerSavvy Plus

PokerSavvyPlus ( is the last entry on our list of the best MTT training sites. The MTT pros on PokerSavvy are extremely competent players who regularly win the biggest online tournaments. Among the big names at the site are Tony ‘Bond18’ Dunst, Christian ‘Charder30’ Harder, Mike ‘SirWatts’ Watson and Justin ‘WPThero’ Rollo who all have a huge amount of wins and cashes to their names, both live and online.

The Poker Savvy Plus tournament videos are made to suit all levels of multi table tournament player ranging from low buy in tournaments to higher buy-in MTTs. They are great for teaching tournament fundamentals such as raising ranges and continuation betting as well as more advanced concepts such as ICM calculations and ranges for shoving when shortstacked.

While great at MTTs, the PokerSavvy site is suitable for all rounders too as they cover all forms of poker throughout their videos. It is for this reason we highly recommend checking them out.

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About Multi Table Tournaments

The popularity of MTT’s rose significantly after Chris Moneymaker won the World Series of Poker (WSOP) in 2003. Moneymaker was seen as an average Joe Soap and though his luck was in when he qualified for the WSOP on Poker Stars. Moneymaker changed the game poker forever when he won the tournament. Poker had erupted in the U.S.A which seen millions of players flock to the tables in a bid to become the next WSOP champion like Moneymaker. There was a general feeling that anyone could win the tournament with a bit of luck on their side. Poker has come a long way since 2003, and we now know that the chances of a win like that with no skill are virtually impossible.

Playing multi table tournaments online nowadays is about long term results and sustainable win rates. We see time and time again the best players are always there or there about come the crunch time of a big tournament, the most recent example of this is Phil Ivey, rated as the one of the best poker players ever, at the final table of the WSOP 2009. Infrequently there will be an inexperienced player who takes down a big score, but the player who constantly cashes in the tournament will be the biggest winner in the long run. Poker Training Sites have advanced to providing training for multi table tournaments. There are a number of poker training sites that provide quality poker training for MTT’s, but two sites that stand above the rest are highlighted below.

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