Cardrunners adds 3 new poker coaches in March

cardrunners Despite being the most high-profile online poker training site in the industry, not to mention the only online poker training site to have a video library that exceeds 2,000 videos, Cardrunners is never satisfied with resting on their laurels, which is evidenced by their recent signings of three new coaches to their ever expanding roster.

Each new coach on the Cardrunners roster brings their own area of expertise, and two are very specific in terms of their specialty: One being Rush Poker and the other being in low buy-in Multi-Table Tournaments.

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  • Small Stakes MTT coach ‘SpurrierFTW’
    SpurrierFTW is a student at the University of South Carolina who has been playing poker since High School, and has been a serious student of the game since 2005. Beginning as a cash-game player, SpurrierFTW has been successful up to the $200 buy-in cash games in both Holdem and PLO, but has switched his focus to low buy-in Multi-Table Tournaments over the past year.
    His experience and current knowledge of the small-stakes games will be well received by the new players signing up at Cardrunners who may be overwhelmed with the majority of the training videos on the site focusing on strategies and concepts presented for mid and high-stakes games.
  • Rush Poker Pro Greg “Xorc1st” Shevach
    A former competitive video game player, Xorc1st has seamlessly transferred his skills to the online poker tables, and has been focusing on the fast and furious action at the Rush Poker tables on Full Tilt Poker.
    When asked what he will bring to Cardrunners through his training videos Xorc1st replied: “I really hope to give people another way of thinking in the game of poker. Not every decision is straight-forward and I will push people to think outside of the box and question themselves. What would happen if I made this play? What would I be representing & is it plausible? What does he think I’m representing? The questions are endless and it’s crazy to have all of these questions fly through your head and be able to make a decision within seconds.”
  • MTT coach Adam “Fishbones11” Fyshe
    With over $1million in online poker tournament winnings, and as former Top 100 ranked online tournament player, Fishbones11 is the most successful of Cardrunners new hires. A poker player since 2005, Fishbones11 didn’t “make it” in the poker world until 2007, when on whim he played the $109 rebuy on PokerStars and won $35,000, which he promptly followed up with a $60,000 chop in the Super Tuesday tournament just a few days later. Even with his success in high-stakes MTT’s, Fishbones11 has moved down to low and mid-stakes tournaments where he sees weaker competition and better opportunities for success. Look for these new coaches’ videos next time you visit Cardrunners, the only online poker training site who releases a new training video daily.
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