Deuces Cracked hits the 2,000 video milestone

In a blog post at Deuces Cracked this past week co-founder Jay Rosenkrantz talked about the upcoming schedule of video releases on Deuces Cracked this season –for those that are unaware DC separates their content into “seasons”, about four or five per year, where each instructor produces a pre-planned video series in that time-frame—including 2011’s series such as On Balance, The Thin Red Grind, Math Attacks!, pr1nnyraiding 3, and Ansky and Blah.

However, the big news came towards the tail-end of the post as Krantz offhandedly remarks how Deuces Cracked now has over 2,000 videos in their library! A number only the slightly older Cardrunners can boast –and if you recall when Cardrunners hit the 2,000-video milestone boast they did!

But Deuces Cracked took the more subtle approach to their 2,000th poker training video, which was almost expected from the online poker training site that has perhaps the most successful poker players on their roster –and at DC they all produce content.

Krantz detailed how the idea for Deuces Cracked came about in 2007, when he was running the original online poker training site, when he joined forces with online poker players/coaches DanzaSmack, DeathDonkey, Joe Tall, and Entity to form Deuces Cracked; an online poker training site that didn’t simply produce poker videos –Cardrunners and StoxPoker were already doing that—but created videos in episodic series, or as Krantz puts it: “What if you could follow the development of a concept, or your favorite instructor’s progression through the stakes over a set period of time? It clicked right away. It would work like a TV network!” And this is where the idea of ‘seasons’ came in.

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What separates Deuces Cracked’s content from other online poker training sites? It’s mostly creativity in their content; not only do they produce video series but the site has also introduced DC Shorts, which are quick 20 minute videos for people with less time, or for those feeling out a certain concept before jumping into a 4-part video series each over 1-hour in length! Here is how Krantz views the content at DC:

“We always ask ourselves: will this be fun to watch? Would we watch it? Will it put people to sleep? Will it make you better at poker? Is it answering relevant questions? The way all of us on the content end of things look at it is, if we’re adding another video to that huge library… it better make its presence felt. We are looking for lasting impact, we are looking to pioneer new methods of teaching to help you better absorb the concepts you need to win more money at poker. In my opinion, this year may be our best year of videos yet. There will be new combinations of instructors, new ideas, new ways of presenting old concepts, old ideas updated for the modern, constantly changing playing environments. More and better community involvement. DC Shorts. Because sometimes 20 minutes a day is just enough.”

So, CONGRATULATIONS to Deuces Cracked! The online poker training site that delicately announced it had surpassed the 2,000 video milestone.

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