Poker Coaches

Welcome to the player profile section fo We’ve created this section in order to provide in depth biographies of all the biggest and best online poker coaches. To make things even easier, we’ve broken the page down into subsections for each of the top poker training websites. Check back here regularly as we’ll be adding poker training coach profiles every week until we’ve assembled a comprehensive roundup of all the top coaches involved in online poker training.

Bluefire Poker Coaches

Bluefire Poker has a strong philosophy of quality over quantity in relation to poker training, which explains why they have a small number coaches. The coaching tecaam at Bluefire was hand picked by Phil Galfond and each video produced on the site has to pass Galfond’s quality check before being released.

DeucesCracked Coaches

DeucesCracked are widely regarded as the best online poker training site with a massive roster of coaches that boasts some of the biggest names in online poker. Covering everything from small stake cash games to high stakes multi table tournaments, the DeucesCracked instructors represent a who’s who of online poker elites. Simply click any of the links below to read our profiles of all your favourite coaches.

PokerSavvyPlus Coaches

PokersavvyPlus are another one of the original poker training sites who cater for players of all stakes and games including holdem, omaha, multi table tournaments and mixed games. PokerSavvy feature some of the biggest names in the business including Christian “charder30” Harder, Tony “bond18” Dunst and Andrew “Foucault” Brokos. PokerSavvy are one of the best all round sites and represent great value with no signup fee and one of the lowest monthly membership costs around. Check out their coaches profiles below.

CardRunners Coaches

CardRunners was the first poker training site to appear on the internet and they have established a massive coaching team since their birth. As one of the pioneers of online poker training, CardRunners has attracted some of the top online pros to join their coaching roster. Check out the profiles of some of the most feared online poker players below.

PokerNews Strategy Coaches

PokerNews Strategy is the newest poker training site to open its doors to the public. Owner and popular trash talker Tony G has invested a lot into creating a site that will compete with the best. With early signings of nanonoko, URnotINdanger, Genius28 and many more, PokerNews Strategy has stated their intentions for the future. Be sure to watch this training site.

DragTheBar Coaches

DragTheBar were one of the latest sites to enter the online poker training market, several years behind the earliest entrants. However, it wasn’t long before they made their mark and established themselves as one of the top few online poker training websites. Since their inception they’ve signed a large number of high profile coaches, including many former members of the Stox Poker coaching staff. They’ve also acquired the entire library of another site; the now defunct PokerSwat.

DragTheBar are now one of the frontrunners in the poker training world. They concentrate on all round poker training covering everything from cash games to tournaments and other aspects of poker such as mental game. If they continue in the same vein, it’s likely DragTheBar will be one of the top poker training sites for a long time to come.

PokerVT Coaches

PokerVT is a unique poker training site that adopts a virtual training approach to poker tuition. The site, fronted and owned by Daniel Negreanu employs a host of prolific poker coaches who are amongst the best in the game. As one of the most creative and unique poker training sites, PokerVT has seen a significant rise in members and is considered one of the top poker training sites to date. With a primary focus on multi table tournaments and a secondary focus on NLHE and PLO cash games, PokerVT has great diversity to suit most poker training needs.