Andreas ‘skjervoy’ Torbergson

Since the Internet poker explosion that occurred in 2003 Sweden has produced a number of top poker players, including the likes of Erik Sagstrom, Chris Bjorin, William Thorson, and Martin de Kniff. More recently it has been young Swedish phenom Viktor Blom –widely believed to be Isildur1 on the Full Tilt Poker tables—that has gathered the most attention, but there is yet another young Swedish pro that is flying under the radar, Andreas ‘skjervoy’ Torbergson –well, as under the radar as you can when you are a multi-millionaire thanks to poker.

Torbergson is a PLO specialist who decided to take his $1/$2 PLO bankroll to Vegas in 2005; a decision that turned out to life-changing. How good did this decision turn out to be? Well, to put it in poker terms the decision was the stone-cold-nuts, as Torbergson turned his low-limit roll into a 7-figure bankroll!

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One of the reasons Torbergson, known as ‘skjervoy’ at the online poker tables, has been able to avoid the spotlight is that he plays very few tournaments, witnessed by his mere three cashes in his career, the last coming in April 2009 at the Norwegian Poker Championships.

Instead ‘skjervoy’ takes part in the biggest PLO games in the world, both live and online. According to Torbergson has won over $2.5 million at the high-stakes poker tables on Full Tilt in 2010, making him one of the biggest winners for the year.

Torbergson recently made major headlines when he was able to win over $1million at the Full Tilt Poker tables over the course of 24 hours! First he won over $800,000 at the expense of high-stakes player ‘Cadillac1944’, and returning to the tables some hour’s later ‘skjervoy’ proceeded to relieve ‘Cadillac1944’ of another $400,000!

Thanks to his results, and also his standing in the poker world, Torbergson was not only inked to a deal by Cardrunners in 2010 as a PLO instructor, he was also bestowed the honor of becoming a Full Tilt Poker ‘Red Pro’, and is now amongst the site’s growing list of top poker players like Phil Ivey, Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan, and Patrik Antonius –who are also some of Torbergson’s regular foils at the high stakes poker tables on the site.

Adding ‘skjervoy’ to their PLO lineup is a huge boon for Cardrunners –one of the original online poker training sites—as they continue the process of remaking their brand by overhauling and updating their website, adding a number of top young players to their coaching roster, and trimming some of the deadweight.

Players like Torbergson not only bring Cardrunners instant name recognition, but he is also considered one of the top PLO minds in all of poker. Another change at the site is that Cardrunners has also started listing their coaches’ specialties, and having them produce the majority of video training content in these specific disciplines.

Right now Torbergson has three PLO videos on Cardrunners, and has been releasing roughly one video a month since signing with Cardrunners.

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