Poker Software Reviews

Poker software is an essential part of any serious poker players arsenal. Different software tools can be used for a wide variety of purposes from tracking and analysing your own play to finding and locating fish at the online poker tables. We’ve broken down the various software tools into a number of subsections:

Poker Tracking Software

Poker tracking software is used to keep a record of all the hands you play at the online poker tables. It monitors your wins and lossed as well as those of your opponents. It also provides detailed stats about your play and the play of your opponents. These statistics can be used to plug leaks in your own game, as well as identifying weaknesses in the games of other players.

The tracking software also features a hud (heads up display) that shows stats about each player at your table. These stats include information such as how often they raise, how often they 3bet preflop, their aggression and how often they make a continuation bet after raising preflop. All of these stats are invaluable in getting better and more accurate reads on your opponents.

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Data Mining Tools

Data mining tools are used in conjunction with poker tracking software in order to create large player databases. When you’re not playing, you can leave your data mining software running. This softare will record the hands that are played while you are not even at the tables. It then imports all these hands into your poker tracking software.

By doing this, you can build up large amounts of information about your potential opponents without ever having played with them, thus giving you a large advantage if your paths ever cross at the tables. It also gives you an easy way of finding, identifying and buddy listing fishier players.

Software Modding Tools and Aids

Poker mods can be used to change the look, feel and appearance of different parts of the poker client. Poker modding software may be used to change everything from the table image right through down to the finer elements such as the cards, the chips in play and the player icons. Mod packs can be downloaded and installed that contain numerous different table images, modded cards and various other options for customizing the poker client you are using.

Other software aids can be used to help with things such as mass mutli tabling, table selection, sit and go registration and betting in relation to the size of the pot.

Sit and Go Software

Sit and go software packages are used to help improve your sit and go and single table tournament skillset. These tools are developed to help improve your understanding of concepts such as opening ranges, ICM, bubble play and shortstack shoving ranges. An in depth knowledge of all of these topics is crucial if you want to be successful at sit and go tournaments.

Learning all these important concepts from scratch would take a massive amount of time and effort. It would also involved large amounts of testing and trial and error. Luckily the developers of software have already done all the ground work for you, meaning all you need to do is learn form the software as you take part in sit and gos. If you are serious about increasing your ROI, making a profit and moving up SnG levels, then one of these software packages is a must buy.

Odds Analysis Tools

Odds analysis tools are used to assess your odds of winning a hand based on your current holding, the community cards (if they have been dealt) and your opponents perceived range of hands. They are also used to show your odds of hitting hands such as straights and flushes when you flop a draw.

Some odds analysis tools can be used in real time where they attach to your table and show you the odds while playing a hand. Other tools such as Poker EV are used to analyse hands after they are played. If you are really fast, you could probably use it during a hand as long as you are not playing too many tables!