Poker Training Site Reviews

Our team here at consists of three professional poker players who have grinded all the way up from micro stakes to high stakes poker games. We have 2 no limit holdem experts and a non holdem specialist who has played high stakes pot limit omaha and 7 and 8 game mixed games.

Our team has watched over one thousand different poker training videos at over 30 different poker training sites and schools. We’ve done this in order to create an honest and independent source of information for players who want to join a new poker training site.

Listed below are all our poker training site reviews. We’ve split them up into tier 1 and tier 2 sites. We’d only recommend the tier 2 sites as a supplementary learning source as the quality and quantity of content on the tier 1 sites is much higher.

Tier 1 Poker Training Sites

These are the cream of the crop of poker training sites. If you want to get better at poker, then choosing one of the sites below is a step in the right direction.

Tier 2 Poker Training Sites

These sites are well behind the tier one sites. They produce less content and in general the quality of instruction is lower than that found on the sites listed above. These sites should only be used as a supplementary learning source as the tier one sites are of a much higher overall standard.

Free Poker Training Sites

These sites offer free articles, videos and interactive training materials for their members. Players can also get free poker goodies by working their way through the academy tasks.

Defunct Poker Training Sites

These sites are now all closed for business, have merged with bigger sites or have been relaunched with a new name.