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No Limit Holdem
Rating: 8.0/10
Pot Limit Omaha
Rating: 8.0/10
MTT Tournaments
Rating: 7.5/10
Mixed Games
Rating: 8.5/10
Rating: 8.5/10

CardRunners Strengths
  • Solid all round site
  • Massive video library
  • Huge coaching roster
  • All games and stakes covered
  • Extremely active forum community
  • No signup fee for one year sub
  • Free hand history tools
  • 7 day free trial
  • Free member blogs

CardRunners Weaknesses
  • Signup fee is expensive for new players
  • Lots of old, outdated videos
  • Lost lead coaches Cole South and Brian Townsend

Sample Video

Video Varity
  • No Limit Holdem
  • Limit Holdem
  • Pot Limit Omaha
  • Heads Up
  • Multi Table Tournament
  • Sit & Go
  • Release Schedule
  • 909 Videos
  • 139 Videos
  • 149 Videos
  • 236 Videos
  • 140 Videos
  • 179
  • 1-3 Videos per day

  • Scott “iRock” Augustine
  • Mike “Timex” McDonald
  • Corwin “[vital]Myth” Cole
  • Tim “Nutedawg” Nuter
  • Tom “Brystmar” Berg
  • Brad “augie00” Augsburger
  • Brian “BallzDeepz” Aleksa
  • John “faarcyde” Faarup
  • Dan “Campfirewest” Deppen
  • Eric “Chipsahoya” Rodawig
  • Collin “Collin Moshman” Moshman
  • Cyrus “cpar1” Partow
  • Duncan “cb4mvp” Smith
  • James “D_Zoo” Hartt
  • Eric “damringer” Burtzlaff
  • Ryan “Daut44” Daut
  • Dan “Doctor Razz” Abrams
  • Ijay “Doughnutz” Palansky
  • Ed “Ed Miller” Miller
  • Michael “fooz” Gano
  • Haseeb “INTERNETPOKERS” Qureshi
  • Matt “jacksup” Matros
  • Jimmy “JBaller88” Ackerman
  • Joey “jcl” Lawrence
  • John “JimmyLegs” Wray
  • Kush “Kush” Patel
  • Tom “LearnedFromTV” Chambers
  • Jim “Lefty2506” Egerer
  • Matthew “M_reed05” Reed
  • Daniel “Markuis” Marks
  • Peter “Marshall28” Jennings
  • Matthew “ThePwninator” Janda
  • Matt “MDoranD” Doran
  • David “Meatbuoy” McDaniels
  • Matthew “mindcirkus” Wheat
  • Matt “mlagoo” LaGarde
  • Nelson “NxtWrldChamp” Adcock
  • Sasha “Pokey” Radisich
  • Steve “Steve Albini” Albini
  • Andreas “Skjervoy” Torbergsen
  • John “Nicolak” Kim
  • Joe Tehan
  • Mark “zachjackdad” Silver
  • Adam “Fishbones11” Fyshe
  • Dylan “Dintyo” Tollemache
  • Miikka “ChuckBass” Antonnen
  • Teemu “MachtiSonni” Antonnen
  • Grant “balbomb” Coombs
  • Jason “RonFar3” Collier
  • Jonathan “Nikachu” Zaczek
  • Galen “Gakn29” Cranston
  • Benjamin “Foldngst8n” De Ath
  • Will “Willmasaur” Ma

  • Jonathan “wooz” Gaynor
  • Mark “µ (x+t)” Tyson
  • Kyle “cottonseed” Hendon
  • Matt “Tyresias” Kaufman
  • Brian “stinger” Hastings
  • David “Raptor” Benefield
  • Taylor “Green Plastic” Caby
  • Isaac “Menlo” Baron
  • Mike “Schneids” Schneider
  • Eric “p3achy_keen” Liu
  • Andrew “Muddywater” Wiggins
  • Pawel “Verneer” Nazarewicz
  • Steve “PoorUser” Costello
  • Mike “Predator006” Six
  • Bryan “PrimordialAA” Pellegrino
  • Lee “Przytula” Przytula
  • Rick “Rask” Mask
  • Jordan “ridetime” Glazer
  • Keeth “Shabamabam” Beharrell
  • Brendon “Sippin_Criss” Williams
  • Mark “SpartanFox” Gahagan
  • Bryce “theBryce” Paradis
  • Mickey “mement_mori” Petersen
  • Previous Coaches

  • Phil “Jackal69” Shaw
  • Alvin “citizenwind” Lau
  • Vishal “jfish” Iyer
  • Doug “WCGRider” Polk
  • Aaron “AaronB” Been
  • Serge “Adanthar” Ravitch
  • Mike “Gordo” Gorodinsky
  • Ian “IanJ” Johns
  • Jeff “JSchnett” Schnettler
  • Kyle “KPR16” Ray
  • Ryan “MasterLJ” McCormick
  • Brian “sbrugby” Townsend
  • Cole “cts” South
  • Jason “Mkind16” Laso
  • Randal “Randallin” Flowers
  • Tom “Stellarwind” Peters
  • Travis “TravestyFund” Rice
  • Michael “Wazz” Piper
  • Samer “braminc” Khuri
  • David “bruechips” Eli
  • Daniel “Jungleman” Cates
  • David “muckducks” Cairns
  • James “SplitSuit” Sweeney
  • Anthony “TPirahna” Pirone
  • Yegor “xerok” Tsurikov
  • Derric “Sixpepper” Haynie
  • Devin “TranquilChaos” Porter

CardRunners Overview is perhaps the best known online poker training site; and their recent merger with should cement their spot at the top of the poker training site hierarchy.

Developed by successful online pros Taylor “Green Plastic” Caby and Andrew “muddy water” Wiggins, CardRunners boasts a collection of the biggest –and most successful—online players in the game today. CardRunners recently added longtime PokerStars front-man Lee Jones to their team (to oversee operations). The addition of quality marketing and operational man like Jones will no doubt keep CardRunners at the apex of the poker training sites on the web.

CardRunners is designed to help players learn and improve their game from the alpha dogs of the online world. With a collection of over 1,000 videos (which can either be downloaded or watched as a streaming video), and a collection of forums and blogs featuring the brightest poker minds available, CardRunners features one of the largest collections of poker training content on the web.

Unlike other sites who release content on a whim, CardRunners releases over 10 videos per week on a set schedule, so its members know when new content will be available.

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No Limit Holdem
6 Max

CardRunners main focus is 6-max No Limit Hold’ Em games: In fact a full 50% of CardRunners videos deal with NLHE cash games (with the majority of those being of the 6-max variety). The NLHE content on the site itself is amongst the best available from any online poker training site. With videos from top class online professionals such as Nicolak and iRock ($1,000NL), JBaller88 ($200NL), MDoranD ($25NL), among others. The great thing about the NLHE 6 max content on CardRunners on the site is that it caters for all levels of players and releases loads of new videos each week. The massive roster of coaches means that there is variety of video formats and a diverse selection of playing styles available to watch. Whatever level you play, CardRunners will have loads of content for your stakes.

Heads Up

Similar to the 6 max content at CardRunners, players looking for Heads Up poker training wont be disappointed. With an abundance of content for players of all abilities, you can be confident that your game will be taken to the next level by the training provided. Highlights from the Heads Up section include videos produced by Markuis, CPar1, cts, Green Plastic, and PoorUser.

Full Ring

As one of the leading Full Ring poker training sites, subscribers can enjoy training under the experience of top poker coaches. Small stakes players like cb4mvp, verneer, and RonFar3 have some of the most extensive series for small stakes full ring NLHE players. Mid-stakes regulars Damn Ringer and Rask88 highlight the higher-stakes and produce some of the most popular full-ring video series.

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Limit Holdem
CardRunners is probably behind Deuces Cracked in-terms of Limit Holdem training but we are expecting to see more videos produced and the signing of new Limit Holdem coaches in the very near future. At the moment, expert Limit Holdem players such as Bryce, BallzDeepx, Mike Schneider, and MisterBunny populate the LHE video content at the site. They offer videos ranging from small stakes of $0.50/$1.00 limit to as high as $500/$1000 bets.

With 200+ limit holdem videos on the site at the minute, we still rate the Limit Holdem training available at CardRunners as excellent value.

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Pot Limit Omaha (PLO)
CardRunners is one of the best sites to go to when looking to learn PLO. They have two of the biggest winners in the nosebleed PLO games in Brian Hastings and Andreas Torbergsen, and mid-stakes content by Gakn29 and Foldngst8n.

CardRunners offers PLO videos across all stakes and the instructors also keep in mind that alot of PLO players are coming from a No Limit Hold’em background. We would recommend CardRunners as an excellent resource for PLO players.

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Multi Table Tournaments (MTT)

CardRunners has overhauled their tournament content and have added some big names to their MTT roster. Collectively the roster has won over $10 Million in tournament winnings in addition to three WSOP Bracelets, Epic Poker Tour Title, and a WPT and EPT title. They offer high-stakes videos by mement_mori, Will Ma, and Epic Poker Title and EPT winner Mike McDonald. Their small-stakes content includes videos by zachjackdad who has over 100k in profits in games averaging only $19 in buy in.

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Sit & Gos (STT)

Similar to MTT poker training at CardRunners, there is a very impressive coaching line up producing Sit & Go videos for members. The lineup that includes Colin Moshman, “MachtiSonni” and “Sippin_Criss” as the STT specialists, means players of all levels can expect to see a dramatic improvement in their game.

We feel CardRunners wont compete with Sit & Go specialist training sites such as SitNGoGrinders in this area because of they dont have the same demand for videos, but they are easily matched in terms of quality. Ideally a subscription to CardRunners for a STT player is warranted if they looking to become an expert in a variety of poker formats.

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Non Holdem and Mixed Games

CardRunners has a modest number of quality Mixed Game videos at their site, certainly more than most!. The most popular attraction is the Stud 8/b video content is which is lead by $10k Stud 8/b champion ChipsAhoya. There are also a number of Team CardRunners videos which a free to watch on the site. These are considered more poker entertainment than educational and feature high stakes poker sessions that are very enjoyable.

In terms other games, CardRunners have a selection of videos in Omaha 8/B, Razz, HA, Stud, Triple Draw and Stud 8/B available to members. These videos are produced by a variety of coaches such as Predator006, Doctor Razz and Przytula. There are very few training sites offering this content.

CardRunners is one of the top Mixed Games poker training sites online.

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CardRunners has an extremely active forum area, with sections for in depth discussions on a single hand; areas for generalized poker theory and strategy; and non-poker areas for players to let loose and talk about whatever is on their mind. This community has grown steadily since CardRunners launched and it is now one of the busiest online poker forums with over 60k members. An added benefit of this is that the CardRunners pros often reply to member posts with tips and startegy on how to play certain hands.

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CardRunners features their own hand replayer, which is a very handy tool, especially when discussing hand with other players. They also provide pro and member blogs giving any member of the site the chance to recount their poker exploits in their own CardRunners hosted blog.

CardRunners have revamped their site since the merger with StoxPoker and removed all the old content. The new video/media filter system is terrific and extremely easy to use. Along with this re-vamp, CardRunners now offer members a 7 Day Free Trial. Be sure to avail of excellent offer.

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For what they offer CardRunners is a bargain. If you were to hire a poker coach to help you beat mid-limit games it would cost you a minimum of $100/hour. CardRunners may not offer the extreme personal attention that a 1-on-1 coach does, but it is the next best thing –and way more reasonably priced.

A full membership to CardRunners costs $30/month with a one-time initiation fee of $100. This fee is waived for anyone who signs up for the six month one year package. A six month package at CardRunners is $240 and the one year package costs $360. It is without doubt that the one year package offers the best value. Before making the payment, why not test it our yourself with a 7 Day Free Trial.

CardRunners accepts most major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) and also accepts payment through PayPal, Moneybookers and Full Tilt Transfer.

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Expected Value: Is CardRunners Worth it?
CardRunners are the leading poker training site in the market today. They have created a huge and instantly recognisable brand and they are still setting the standards in the industry that other sites must aspire to reach. CardRunners are a great all round poker training site with a best of the best coaching lineup and a massive library that we highly recommend for players of all standards.

We are happy to recommend CardRunners as a top poker training site.

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