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No Limit Holdem
Rating: 9.4/10
Pot Limit Omaha
Rating: 8.8/10
Rating: 8.9/10
Sit and Go
Rating: 7.9/10
Rating: 9.0/10

DragTheBar Strengths
  • Great coaching lineup including numerous ex Stox Poker instructors
  • Excellent No Limit Hold’em training
  • Good focus on other games including Pot Limit Omaha
  • Addition of Poker Swat library
  • Top mental game coach – Jared Tender
  • Brilliant learning environment for players
  • Very friendly community forum with active professionals
  • Quality MTT training videos
  • Backgammon training

DragTheBar Weaknesses
  • Small amount of sit & go content

Sample Video

Video Variety
  • No Limit Holdem
  • Pot Limit Omaha
  • Limit Hold’em
  • Heads Up
  • Multi Table Tournament
  • Sit & Go
  • Backgammon
  • Release Schedule
  • 201 Videos
  • 67 Videos
  • 49 Videos
  • 48 Videos
  • 90 Videos
  • 30
  • 18
  • 1 Video per day

Coaching Roster
  • Dusty ‘Leatherass’ Schmidt
  • Jeremy ‘ChipSteela’ Menard
  • Paul ‘GiantBuddha’ Hoppe
  • Ross ‘Milwaukee2’ Hartung
  • Jared Tendler
  • Hunter ‘BeachJustice’ Bick
  • Eric ‘DiscoBisco’ Larson
  • Ian ‘IggyMcFly’ Gordon
  • Matt ‘mbolt1’ Bolt
  • James ‘JamesD282’ Davis
  • Charles ‘Rakes’ Lei
  • Emil ‘darkhorse’ Jonsson
  • Brent ‘El Rubio’ Sheirbon
  • Owen ‘QTip’ Gaines
  • David ‘HeyImDro’ Rowan
  • Greg ‘zerosum79’ Jones
  • Stosh ‘Hatebicycles’ McConnell
  • Braden ‘Achilles157’ Mcloughlin
  • Jake ‘7DeLux’ Wilkins
  • Bill Robertie
  • ‘dcook77’

Former Pros
  • Aurangzeb “Ozzy 87” Sheikh
  • Alec ‘Traheho’ Torelli
  • Christoffer ‘-NoName-‘ Egemo
  • Sjoerd ‘Pacuno’ Stevens
  • James ‘Andy McLEOD’ Obst
  • Stephen ‘PoorUser’ Costello
  • Morten ‘Pokergirl’ Erlansen
  • Jason ‘Theoretical’ Su
  • Jean-Claude ‘Jcmoussa’ Moussa
  • Martin ‘Marty Smyth’ Smyth
  • Matt ‘Plattsburgh’ Vengrin
  • Jaime ‘Xaston’ Kaplan
  • James ‘jballer88’ Ackerman
  • Jeff ‘Phyreburn’ Ferguson
  • Brian ‘Brianm15’ England
  • David ‘Pok3rPlaya’ Tuite
  • Daragh ‘HectorJelly’ Thomas
  • Andy ‘TheSpider’ Ward
  • Jim ‘Van Dice’ Fennell
  • David ‘RoundTower’ Murray
  • Jon ‘Bas’ Spinks

DragTheBar Poker is the newest entry into the online poker training site market. DragTheBar was founded by a group of online poker professionals who have gradually worked their way up the online poker ladder from the ground floor. Like many of their competitors, DragTheBar does most of its teaching through videos.

DragTheBar pulled off a major coup when they lured Stox Poker lead instructor, Dusty “Leatherass” Schmidt, away from the hugely successful site. DragTheBar also boasts Bill Robertie (co-author of the enormously popular Harrington on Holdem series) as their resident backgammon expert. Rounding out the instruction team is a group of solid online pros, specializing in everything from low-limit Holdem to PLO and Sit & Go tournaments.

The site differs itself from other top poker training sites by offering players full disclosure on their coaches results. Every coach at DragTheBar is a high volume daily grinder who is a constant winner in their games from $1/$2 to $10/$20 cash, and $12 to $1,000 tournaments. This information is verified by the various independent third party results tracking sites, like PokerTableRatings and is available on the DragTheBar site.

DragTheBar release about 30 videos each month. The site is aiming towards being a well rounded training site, instead of a niche site specializing in a particular poker game or format. At the moment they cover HLHE cash, MTT, SNG and PLO.

DragTheBar has acquired the Poker Swat library of videos which is an addition of over 200 videos to the site. The inclusion of these videos is a massive boost to the site and means that DragTheBar boasts one of the largest video libraries of poker training material.

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No Limit Holdem (NLHE)
6 Max

Like many training sites, 6 max cash games are the the focal point of the training videos produced. DragTheBar shows itself to be extremely competent in terms of the content provided in this area. With world class poker players and coaches such as Leatherass, and Hunter Bick, it is hard not to become a winning player under the instruction of these guys. Matt Bolt, Milwaukee2, James Davis and Stosh McConnell are also premium 6 max cash games producers at DragTheBar.

But, thats not all – DragTheBar also has alot of 6 max content inherited from Poker Swat from players like Poor User, Pacuno, Jballer88, Alec Torelli and many more big names in the world of online poker.

Full Ring

Achillies157, DiscoBisco, QTip and James Davis are all excellent full ring content producers at DragTheBar. Full ring poker training isn’t always a priority at poker training sites, so it is great to see that DragTheBar have been adventurous in providing full ring poker content.

Heads Up

Hunter ‘BeachJustice’ Bick is the top dog at DragTheBar in terms of heads up poker training. Players can watch Hunter play from 50nl to 1knl and see how he crushes his opponents as he explains his thought process. Other heads up experts on the site include, PoorUser, Milwaukee2 and HectorJelly.

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Pot Limit Omaha (PLO)
Alot of the PLO content on DragTheBar comes from the acquisition of Poker Swat. This means that users can learn alot from the likes of Andy McLeod, RoundTower, Plattsburgh, Ozzy87, Gavz101 and WSOP Omaha bracelet winner Marty Smyth. This is an exceptional list of PLO experts and anyone looking to improve their Omaha games should definitely tune into their videos.

DragTheBar also have a number of current PLO coaches on the roaster. Pros such as James Davis and IggyMcfly are continuously producing new and top level Omaha content. Not only are these guys excellent Pot Limit Omaha players, but they are also excellent coaches.

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Multi Table Tournament (MTT)

DragTheBar has a pretty impressive lineup of MTT coaches. With Jeremy ‘ChipSteela’ Menard, David ‘HeyImDro’ Rowan and Brent ‘El Rubio’ Sheirbon as three of the biggest winners online, its hard not to see their content as an excellent asset to the site. The MTT line up at DragThe Bar includes multiple pocketfives’ triple crown winners and numerous WSOP final tables. Members at DTB will find a great diversity in the MTT video formats on the site which range across most buy-in levels.

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Sit & Go (SNG)

At the minute DragTheBar’s sit and go line up mainly consists of Charles ‘Rakes’ Lei and Greg ‘zerosum79′ Jones. Both of these players are accomplished sit & go professionals who have a strong proficiency in coaching. The quantity of sit and go content is somewhat shallow on DTB at the moment, but we understand that there are plans to change this in the very near future.

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The forums at DragTheBar are very warming to new players and an excellent learning environment is created by the active and helpful professionals. Players such as Hunter Bick and QTip are more than willing to offer excellent advice and answer any questions posed by members. DragTheBar make it their business so that every question on a training video is answered by the coach.

The structure of the forum is generally solid, with all the relevant sections present. With mental game coach, Jarded Tendler on the team, there is a psychology and mental game forum where players look to resolve tilt issues and similar leaks in their game.

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Special Offers

One of the best reasons to join DragTheBar is the reasonable membership costs, and the fact that there is ZERO sign-up fees! So, if you are looking for a new poker training site, DragTheBar may be just the place for you. Players who join for 1-year –and get 6-months free—will be paying about $20/month.

  • 1 Month = $29.99
  • 3 Months= $89.97 –Buy 3 months get 1 month FREE
  • 6 Months = $179.94 –Buy 6 months get 3 months FREE
  • 1 Year = $359.88 –Buy 12 months get 6 months FREE

DragTheBar offers all new customers a free 7 day trial on the site. We always recommend availing of this free trial before paying for a subscription as it will help you feel out the site yourself.

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Expected Value: Is DragTheBar Worth It?
DragTheBar were one of the later entrants to the poker training market. In a relatively short time, they have created quite a stir in the poker training world with the acquisition of ex Stox Poker coach ‘Leatherass’ and their merger with PokerSwat – which has significantly increased the power of this training site. DragTheBar is still in its youth, but with their performance to-date, we are looking at a premium training site with a bright future.

The team at the site also have alot of technological experience which can be seen in their video production. They offer high value for money with various membership discounts and free trials. Most importantly, the content provided in the training videos is top notch.

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