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Rating: 8.5/10
Sit & Go
Rating: 8.5/10
Cash Games
Rating: 6.0/10
Other Games
Rating: 6.5/10
Rating: 7.8/10

Float The Turn Strengths
  • Every conceivable tournament type is covered
  • Over 100 videos by Jonathan Little
  • Top tournament training site
  • Private coaching available
  • Top notch online poker players as instructors
  • Active community with exclusive member poker leagues
  • Good interaction between coaches and members
  • Tremendous audio/video quality

Float The Turn Weaknesses
  • Very little cash game content
  • Sporadic video releases, about 3/week
  • Less content than more established online poker training sites
  • Poor search and filter features

Sample Video
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Video Variety
  • MTT and Sit & Go
  • Cash Games
  • Release Schedule
  • 451 Videos
  • 10 Videos
  • Float the Turn releases 3-4 videos per week

  • Jonathan ‘FieryJustice’ Little
  • John ‘Bearfister’ Foster
  • Grayson ‘Spacegravy’ Physoic
  • Chip ‘Z32Fanatic’ Ferguson
  • Joey ‘Bigjoe2003’ Michael
  • Kenny ‘Kenny05’ Smaron
  • Katie ‘Hotjenny14’ Dozier
  • John ‘J0hnnyDayt0n’ Dayton

  • Kris ‘Ibluffheaps’ Cunz
  • John ‘Partyhair’ Conz
  • Torrece ‘TH1986’ Hoffman
  • Greg ‘JasonKobe’ Lindberg
  • Darin ‘DarinVG’ VanGammeren
  • Jonathan ‘Iftarii’ Jaffe
  • RiceStud

Multi table Tournaments (MTT)

The bulk of the tournament content on Float the Turn is put out by Jonathan Little and z23fanatic. Most of the tournament videos are in a series format (as they should be) which will help take you through the player’s thought processes at the various stages of a tournament.

The tournament videos typically follow some set pattern by the different coaches (although some coaches do put out more random content) which gives players a progression of videos to follow from each instructor.

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Sit & Go (SNG)

Every Instructor at Float the Turn contributes to the Sit & Go videos, and while many of the coaches delve into a number of different formats –Heads-Up, 6-Max, Turbos, Super-Turbos, 45 and 90 Man S&G’s and so on—a few of the instructors specialize in certain variants:

  • JasonKobe’s video focus on Double-or-Nothing Sit & Go’s
  • HotJenny314 specializes in Super-Turbo S&G’s
  • Iftarri and RiceStud’s area of expertise is in Heads-Up S&G’s
  • TH1986 focuses on 18-Man Sit & Go tournaments
  • DarinVG plays 9-Man S&G’s

Because of the vast variety of S&G formats it’s hard to categorize the videos further.

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Forums and Chat Rooms

The forum and chat rooms on Float the Turn are fairly active, and with the instructor team posting regularly you’ll pick up some nice tips to go along with the video content on the site. Hand Histories are usually thoroughly reviewed by other members, and selected ones are turned into review videos by some of the coaches.

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Float The Turn is at the higher end of the pricing spectrum when it comes to poker training websites. There is a one-time $99.95 initiation fee (the expensive part) with a monthly charge of $19.95 per month.

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Expected Value: Is Float The Turn Worth It?
Float The Turn is precisely what it says it is; a poker tournament training site. If you’re a cash game specialist, then you’re probably better off looking elsewhere. However, if you’re a Sit & Go or MTT player this is definitely a site worth joining. The video quality is as strong as any other training site, and the instruction team does a great job of explaining different plays and concepts. A subscription to FloatTheTurn is sure to pay for itself in no time.

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