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Rating: 6.5/10
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Rating: 6.0/10
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Rating: 5.0/10
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Poker Pwnage Strengths
  • Focused poker training site for Multi Table Tournaments
  • MTT online professionals include Sketchy1 and GhettoFabolous.

Poker Pwnage Weaknesses
  • Membership only suitable for MTT players
  • Library lacking a decent video filter
  • Site navigation is confusing
  • Quantity over quality approach

Sample Video
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Video Variety
  • MTT (NLHE)
  • MTT (PLO)
  • Sit & Go
  • Heads Up
  • Release Schedule
  • 330+ Videos
  • 16 Videos
  • 25 Videos
  • 3 Videos
  • N/A

Coaching Roster
  • Russell ‘rdcrsn’ Carson
  • Matt ‘mattg1983’ Graham
  • Jon ‘sketchy1’ Eaton
  • Tom ‘TitanTom32” Braband
  • Phil ‘USCphildo’ Collins
  • David ‘Ghettofabolous’ Randall
  • Alexander ‘Assassinato’ Fitzgerald
  • Carder ‘+ to the EV!’ England
  • Nathan ‘Nsinger’ Singer
  • Jerry ‘herschelw’ Watterson
  • Chardian
  • Ben ‘NeverScaredB’ Wilinofsky
  • Brett ‘bballwiz’ Fox
  • Damien ‘zedveron’ Elsing
  • E.J. ‘cardsfan04’ Folks

Former Pros
  • Alex ‘AGame18’ Deutsch
  • Nick ‘fu_15’ Maimone
  • UHBigTex

Multi Table Tournaments (MTT)
MTT’s are the main focus of the PokerPwnage site. Their coaching team consists of some good ranked online Multi Table Tournament players who have produced a host of videos. From a library of over 300 videos dedicated to MTT’s, members get to learn from tourney players such as NeverScaredB, Assassinato, Nsinger, HerschelW, cardsfan04 and GhettoFabolous.

The MTT videos on the site are mainly dedicated to NLHE players, although there are infrequent PLO and PLO Hi/Lo videos contributed by Nsinger. There is a mixture of live recording and play back videos conducted on the site where the pros explain their thought processes. The MTT videos on PokerPwnage are aimed at low and mid stakes tournament players, with a few high stakes videos including a Sunday Millions eleven part series by Assassinato.

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Sit & Go (SNG)
Surprisingly for a multi table tournament focused website, sit and gos get good coverage on PokerPwnage, though they are by no means a priority. Most of the SNG’s on the site are 45 man and 90 man formats. Coaches such as NeverScaredB, bballwiz, Mzungu, Nsinger and UHBigTex produce the sit and go content for the site. These sit and go coaches show a decent understanding of the game and the content is of benifit any sit and go player.

The PokerPwnage forums just about okay to read, featuring the the basic required sections. There is a strategy forum dedicated to each variation of poker and then one overall strategy forum dedicated to extremely specific ideas and circumstances.

There are just under two thousand members in the PokerPwnage community and the forums are very active considering the navigation difficulties.

1 on 1 Coaching
The 1-on-1 coaching system on PokerPwnage is available. All of the video producers on the site are available for coaching at very a varity rates ranging from $85 per hour to $400 per hour.

There is a readily available contact form to fill out, where you may enter your contact details, tick game type and preferred coaches, and wait for them to get back to you. This gives members an easy means to individually contact their coach of choice!

Special Offers
Poker Pwnage offers members a 48 hour free trial to test out the site without any up front payment. This 48 hour free pass allows members full access to all PokerPwnage’s resources and full use of the site.

Expected Value: Is PokerPwnage Worth It?
PokerPwnage is an MTT orientated site. It is a step behind of the other multi table tournament training websites with its content and coaching roster of online tournament players. There is little cash or sit and go content, though the videos they produce in these areas are quite good.

Their website is very difficult navigate and clarity isn’t present throughout. The main areas which need improvement are the filters in the video library, where it is extremely difficult to find the videos you are looking for due to the size of the library. It would also be nice to see Pro blogs on the site, as the rambling of the top MTT players online would undoubtedly make interesting reading.

PokerPwnage is priced in similar fashion to other competitors in the market, particularly Float The Turn

All in all, if you’re a tournament focused player, then PokerPwnage will help improve your tournament skills, but you can get better value for the same cost elsewhere.

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