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Rating: 7.5/10

Poker VT Strengths
  • International poker superstar Daniel Negreanu as the front-man
  • Innovative poker training technology
  • Excellent focus on improving results
  • Brilliant online community forums
  • Impressive coaching roster
  • Reports of professionals continued success
  • Excellent value in subscription packages

Poker VT Weaknesses
  • No pro or member blogs
  • Virtual training may not appeal to all

Sample Video

Video Variety
  • Daniel Negreanu
  • Online Pro Hours
  • Pro Q&As
  • Live Content
  • Total Video Content
  • Release Schedule
  • 51 Hours – 466 Videos
  • 263 Hours – 1,608 Total Videos
  • 9 Hours
  • 20 hours
  • 360 Hours – Greater than 2,000 Total Videos
  • New content is uploaded to the Poker VT website, on Tuesday of every week.

  • Daniel “Realkidpoker” Negreanu
  • Paul “kwickfish” Wasicka
  • Annette “Annette_15” Obrestad
  • Adam “Ajunglen7 & A_Junglen” Junglen
  • Jason “Jcarver” Somerville
  • David “GrinDeR444 & Nutstr844” Redline
  • Matt “ch0ppy & NoBadBeatsPlz” Kay
  • Josh “theNorfman & doctorhowser ” Norris
  • Jon “SoccerMom5” Ettinger
  • Grayson “spacegravy” Physioc
  • Bryan “BRYAN_DEVO” Devonshire
  • Derek “PokerDerk” Williams
  • Aaron “abarone68 ” Barone
  • Jon “PearlJammer” Turner

Previous VT Coaches
  • JC “PrtyPsux” Alvarado
  • Justin “Boosted”J Smith
  • Nick “MI_Turtle & Sinko_Mikko” Rainey
  • David ‘RinDeR444’ Redlin
  • Joshua ‘theNorfman’ Norris
  • Ryan ‘ryanbluf’ Karp

Daniel Negreanu Coaching

Poker VT was launched in May 2008 by one of pokers most familiar faces, Daniel Negreanu. On PokerVT, Daniel reveals his secrets and strategies to members which has seen him accumulate over $10 million in tournament winnings.

Poker VT offer quite a range of video series which all include several modules. At the moment the video series’ available on the site are split into four broad sections:

Negreanu’s Custom Course on Hold’em

This is an extensive guide to Hold’Em. New content is added to this series each week. The first set of modules covered looks at beginners strategy, including pre-flop and post flop play, bet sizing and playing draws

The second part of this course looks at Negreanu’s signature small ball strategy where he teaches his students his wisdom in the field. Areas looked at in this part are betting, pre flop play and post flop strategy using Negreanu’s small ball context.

Negreanu’s Hand Analysis

This series on the site can be split into three formats of hand analysis. The first section offers real time hand analysis. Negreanu analyses players’ hands as they take place. The players’ real time thought processes are captured during the live play using the isolating mics and headphones in the Poker VT studio. There are 58 modules in this format.

The next format of hand analysis is through Private Games. This involves live poker games filmed with all levels of players at the tables. Negreanu conducts virtual training lessons giving commentary and analysing the recorded hands. There are 164 modules in this format.

The final format of hand analysis is very entertaining with some examples of classic hands that are famous for various reasons whether it be down to genius or donkey-like play. Negreanu breaks down each hand step by step and gives the members his analysis of the play. Altogether, there are 15 modules in this format.

Know the Math, Play Winning Poker!

This section of the site is dealt with by Prof. Charley Swayne who has quite an arsenal of knowledge when it comes to teaching. He teaches mathematics, statistics, finance, and economics. Along with this, Swayne has given various seminars on business strategy, cost control, investments, money and banking, and of course, poker! He has dedicated a lot of his time to researching the mathematics of poker which he has woven into a mathematics course exclusive to Poker VT. There are several areas covered in this course which will educate a player on the fundamental mathematics of poker. Areas covered are The PATL Matrix, Pot Odds, Expected Value (EV), Probability, Equity, Position and Risk.

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The Poker VT forum is where members have an opportunity to talk and discuss various poker related topics with Daniel Negreanu and the other pros. The forums are quite busy with over 12000 members. The strategy discussion and interaction with the pros on the forums is for subscribing members only. It is advisable to use this opportunity to talk and discuss topics with winning professional poker players.

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The Site

The VT site is simple to navigate and the video library contains a lot of poker content. There are some features like pro blogs/member blogs that are standard for other poker training sites, but seem to be neglected here. On the other hand, there are a number of cool interactive features which members can avail of that are not found on other poker training sites.

Questions asked by members may be chosen and addressed in one of the pros next sessions or may even become an area of focus of a session recorded in the Poker VT studio. Site members have the chance to take part in a filmed game in the Poker VT studio where all players use an isolation microphone and headphones. They will be involved in a session that will be produced for the Poker VT site.

Poker VT also invites students to test their maths skills with real time reports and recommended areas of improvement. They have a great asset in Professor Charley Swayne who brings his wealth of teaching experience to the site.

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Special Offers
To get a 20% discount on Poker VT, type in the promotional code PTREVIEWS when signing up. Be sure to take advantage of this while it still available, as is a limited offer!

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Expected Value: Is Poker VT Worth it?
The Poker VT site is new and modern, somewhat like their revolutionary style of interactive training. They offer a host of quality features on the site that are sure to impress members. It is hard to compare Poker VT directly to other poker training sites as they have adopted a different approach. The effectiveness of the training technique is still a contended matter though the member reports have been positive.

Overall, if you’re looking for a slightly different poker training site with instruction from some of the best in the business, then look no further than Daniel Negreanu’s PokerVT.

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